Single Flowers Stems

For a very personal flower arrangement choose a handful of your favourite Sia stems.
If you're going for a minimalist Japanese style or a full blown English Country House Sia bouquet the florists rule of picking odd numbers always works.

Coloured sprays of Dahlis H65cm priced per stem
Dahlia Spray £10.99
Delicate mixed Anemones price is for a single stem
Mixed Anemone £3.99
Stunning white Hydrangea H46
White Hydrangea Stem £12.50
Beautiful Tulips choose from three different colours White/White with a hint of pink and mauve with a hint of white
Tulip Stem £8.50
Sia Orange Spider Orchids Height 90cms
Sia Orange Spider Orchids £14.99
Sia Orange Single Stem Rose.
Height 50cms
Sia Orange Single Stem Rose £6.75
Single roses price for 1 stem
Rose Valerie WTPF H55 A/6 WHGN £7.70
Orchid Cymbidium Stem H99 £32.50
Peony Stem £6.95
Cymbidium Stem £45.95
Sia Calla Lily Light Orange Small
Sia Calla Lily Light Orange Small £7.15
Dutch Iris Stem
Dutch Iris Stem £7.45